Top 5 Biggest Lottery and Bingo Events

Top 5 Biggest Lottery and Bingo Events

Legality has been an issue in the lotteries; however, where some countries have sidelined the development of lotteries, others have contributed towards its mainstream promotion. That being said, both the lotteries and the bingo are an affair that will never disappoint you. They are entertaining and excellent in every aspect especially the fact that the factor of the money is always appealing. Here is a look at the top biggest lotteries, and the bingo events around the world.

Lottery and Bingo

  1. Top Lottery:

The first one in the line is the lottery in China. It’s popular in the country and is unique especially the fact that the legislation of the country has been considered unfair in regards to the gambling industry. The China Welfare Lottery was started in 1987 and is one of the two lotteries that are legal in the country. In addition to offering prizes to the players, it has also helped to support the elderly, disabled, and vulnerable.

  1. El Gordo:

The name may be a little unique and you’d be excused if you haven’t heard of it. The Spanish national lottery is one such name that will certainly appeal to you. The unique fact about the lottery is that it has been around since its launch in 1812. In addition to that, the lottery is the biggest in the world. in 2017, the maximum prize amount available for the lottery was put at €2.31 billion. In this case, the jackpot will be €720 million.

Lottery and Bingo

  1. Euro Millions:

The lottery was launched in 2004 and has made quite a name. It’s a pan-European lottery happening once a week. One of the best things about the lottery is that it pools in the stakes from other countries, and offers the bettors the best amount. This offers a massive outcome at the lowest price. In addition to that, the prizes are exempt from taxes in most countries.

  1. Bingo:

Bingo players look for the big wins as well. The modern betting world or the bingo world is up for the game. In this case, the Super Bingo satisfies the appetite. The event at the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel and casino appeal to every bingo player in the world. There are a variety of games, and several events are held in a single year. That means that you won’t run out of entertainment as well.

Lottery and Bingo

  1. Rebel Bingo:

This is a bingo event with a twist, or the website puts it “emotional bingo”. That does pique the interest. The event is appealing; dancing, and an atmosphere that brings all the excitement to the event. Over time, it has been held in various places such as London, New York, and Las Vegas for a start.


Bingo and lottery events are places of fun. Whether online or offline, there’s a lot of memories waiting, and plenty of wins that you will be entitled to. Even though there are a lot of names, but some sure do stand out from the rest.

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